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Bible Classes

When Jesus Quoted Psalms

We want to know Jesus better. We want to understand him. How did he think? What did he feel? Why did he say the things that he said? 

Jesus left us bread crumbs, a way for us to get to know him better. He wants us to seek him diligently. He wants us to know him like never before. Jesus answers these questions and more, and he does it in a poetical way that will pluck your heartstrings.

Join us Wednesday nights at our building, from 7:00-8:00 PM for the class “When Jesus Quoted Psalms”.


What is an angel? Do I have a guardian angel? Might I entertain angels unawares? Do angels minister to me? Has the role of angels changed from the Old to the New Testament? These are our questions of interest. We will seek answers from the Bible, your Bible. Along the way, we will consider if the Old Testament’s “Angel of the LORD” is the pre-incarnate Jesus Christ.