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Women’s Bible Study

Your Worth in Christ


Join us each Tuesday, beginning April 5, for a Bible study with fellow Christian women exploring the value we have in the body of Christ. For convenience, two meetings times will be offered, 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., at the church building.

After each meeting, study material will be available for download here, on the website. This will help guide you in self-study throughout the week and prepare for the next group study.

To receive updates and information regarding this Bible study, as well as other women’s events, complete the contact form here.


Every woman has different roles and functions depending on their season of life. From
daughter, girlfriend, employee, wife, mother, and more, the role you have changes as you
journey through life. Along the journey you have many influences that mold and define who
you are. In particular, an image of yourself begins to develop: what you think of yourself, who
you think you are supposed to be, and what you are supposed to do with your life.

Self-image is the conception you have of yourself, including an assessment of qualities
and personal worth. Physical beauty, intelligence, athletic ability, competency, and talent
are frequent measures for your self-image. When these are the measuring sticks, many people
feel inferior, empty, and worthless. Our “need” for self-worth, value, and significance is only
satisfied when we know who we are in Christ. Dismantling these false standards for your worth
and establishing true standards for your worth will radically transform your self-image and shift
your hope from people’s opinions of you to God’s opinion of you.


Download self-study materials below to prepare for each in-person meeting.

Lesson One – Introduction

Lesson Two – Beauty

Lesson Three – Career

Lesson Four – Wife / Mother

Lesson Five – Expectations

Lesson Six – Finding Joy (Part One)

Lesson Seven – Finding Joy (Part Two)

Lesson Eight – Finding Joy (Part Three)