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Series: Why Church?

Part 1: Introduction

God has blessed us with an opportunity to have high-quality relationships within the church. Are we taking advantage of that? Or are we missing out on something special?

Part 2: What Are You Missing?

From the very beginning, the church met regularly, which implies that there’s something special going on when God’s family is together. What are you missing out on when you aren’t here?

Part 3: Life is Hard

Life is hard! Not one of us will be able to navigate it perfectly. So, what do we do when life is less than perfect? Where do we turn? One of the most important aspects of the church family is that we are here to help each other through life’s challenges, trials, and mistakes.

Part 4: Your Role in the Church

Our study of the church this week takes us into 1 Corinthians 12 and pushes us all to ask ourselves about our role in the church. Each of us has unique skills that can contribute to God’s Kingdom. Let’s not allow those resources to go untapped!

Part 5: Church Family

Of all the ways the church is described in Scripture, one of the most important is the idea that we are family – brothers and sisters. However, we are far from a perfect family, and we need to be prepared to deal with that.

Part 6: The Church’s Role in Your Life

There are a number of misunderstandings regarding the purpose and role the church should play in our lives. Today, we will be looking at some of those, and see how they contrast with what we read about the church in Acts.